The Mall Group Co.,Ltd., department stores and shopping complexes under The Mall​

24 Oct 2023

  The Mall Group Co.,Ltd. together with our department stores and shopping complexes always aim to elevate the excellence in providing our valued customers with the ultimate experience. In addition, we would like to inform you that we have partnered up with Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, who has been our strong financial partner for such a long time as well as a leading bank who has offered financial services to local and international clients for over 79 years. With this promising collaboration, we have developed and launched new credit and debit cards in order to revamp and improve the privileges and services of these latest co-branded credit and debit cards under The Mall Group Co.,Ltd. Accordingly, Bangkok Bank M Visa Credit and Debit Cards are set to start from 1 December 2023 onward. ​


However, SCB M members are able to continually use SCB M Visa Credit and Debit Cards as well as to redeem their privileges until 31 January 2024, after that SCB M Visa Credit and Debit Cards will be automatically cancelled. Despite mentioned, your M Point will remain in your M Card account and you will be able to redeem them for discounts and privileges as usual. Also, your M Point will then be collected within your Bangkok Bank M Visa Credit or Debit Card as soon as you apply for one and it is approved. You can apply for Bangkok Bank M Visa Credit and Debit Cards at any department stores and shopping complexes under The Mall Group, any branches of Bangkok Bank and Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking to enjoy exciting privileges from 1 December 2023 onward. ​


We would like to thank you once again for your trust and please be affirmed that we will continue to provide you with unrivalled experiences and improved privileges from the products and services under this great collaboration between The Mall Group Co.,Ltd. and Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited. ​

Should you require more information, please contact M Card Contact Center at 02-789-5555 everyday at 10.00 – 19.00 hours.​